The MCA/13 Cargo Bike Parking prototype on display at the Aux vélos, citoyens exhibition about Danish Urban Design.

In early 2013, I developed a design for on-street cargo bike parking that creates space and accessibility for citizens that use cargo bikes on a daily basis. The above photo was taken in Paris, where my exhibition about Danish Urban Design and bicycle-friendly cities opens today. Aux vélos, citoyens …

First Day of School for Felix — now eighteen years old

My oldest kid turned eighteen this year and here in late summer 2020, he just started his third year of high school. In Denmark, kids start school a year later than most other places. The thing is, now that he is eighteen, the government just starts paying him to go…

Fixing Lebanon with AI — a fiction series proposal

Dēmos — rough pitch for a drama series by Mikael Colville-Andersen.

Back in January, on a visit to Beirut, I started work on a tv series proposal and chose Lebanon as the country in which to set the series. There was…

Last night my friends and I performed a thorough test of our fundamental freedom in Danish society. We were also drunk and quite naked in front of the Danish Parliament.

Testing the limits of freedom in Danish society. :-)

Let’s be clear from the get-go. My friends and I had been consuming wine in the centre of Copenhagen and…

“Excuse me… can you help me find this address?”

In a life-sized city, people get around with visual clues instead of street names and house numbers.

Hi… excuse me… can you help me find this address?

An oft-used phrase for visitors in a foreign city, albeit less these days with the rise of smartphones and google maps. A…

Mikael Colville-Andersen

Urban playmaker, designer, host of The Life-Sized City tv series about urbanism. Author of “Copenhagenize”. Impatient Idealist.

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