Copenhagen Re-opens — Photo Series

Street life returns to Copenhagen. Impromptu meetings with friends made possible by bikes and sidewalk cafés.
I was interviewed (at left) curbside by my local wine bar, for a rolling video conference with Canadian students by Ole Kassow and Pernille Vedersø Bussone from Cycling Without Age.

Denmark During COVID19

On Wednesday, 20 May, the streets came alive — 21 May was a holiday, so there was even more reason to enjoy the evening with friends on bikes.
The vast majority of car traffic in Copenhagen is from the suburbs so even in normal times, the streets are empty in the evenings.
Bicycle traffic continued throughout the lockdown, as Copenhageners’ primary transport form.
My favourite street in Copenhagen, Værnedamsvej.
I drank wine with a friend on Queen Louise’s Bridge on 21 May. Friends cycling past stopped for an impromptu glass and a chat.
Cafés and restaurants have guidelines for how many people are allowed per square metre.
Bicycle traffic on the world’s busiest bike lanes on Nørrebrogade.
Copenhageners enjoying the sun on Queen Louise’s Bridge.

Urban playmaker, designer, host of The Life-Sized City tv series about urbanism. Author of “Copenhagenize”. Impatient Idealist.

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