Copenhagen’s Urban Development is Just Old Wine in New Bottles

Copenhagen’s development is just old wine in new bottles
1910 proposal that would have destroyed Nyhavn and created a tunnel to Christianshavn
Proposal for Lynetteholmen — an artificial island at the head of Copenhagen harbour


Induced Demand

This is a hilarious crash course in Induced Demand/Jevon’s Paradox
Proposal for a motorway tunnel in Copenhagen
1986 vision for artificial islands at the head of the harbour
Map from 1700s shows how much land has been created in Copenhagen
1967 article about “future” urban development in Copenhagen
Proposal for nine new industrial islands in Copenhagen

Søringen — The Lake Ring

Model of Søringen — The Lake Ring — from 1958. A 12 lane motorway in the heart of Copenhagen
The green strip is where the Søringen motorway would have been built. Today it is a park.
This is what almost happened in Copenhagen.

City Plan Vest

The model, at right, shows the destructive nature of the proposed City Plan Vest in Copenhagen
The support for the projects started to fade in the late 1960s
Parking instead of densely-populated neighbourhoods in a car-centric future


Forumlinien — The Forum Line — proposal for Nørrebro in 1970
The monster development plan for Nørrebro — Forumlinien
The Sixties live on in the newer Ørestad development south of Copenhagen

Ørestad & Amager

Development plans from the 60’s and 70’s for the island of Amager look a lot like what’s happening today
Greenwashed proposal for a new development on the Common. “Ooh look! We’ll use wooden structures!”
A previous proposal for a harbour tunnel under Amager Common
The development Nordhavn — North Harbour — in Copenhagen. Planning like it’s 1965


1965 proposals for expanding the rail network in Copenhagen vs the development today

Metro Instead of Trams

A Tired, Repeated Narrative

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