Desire Lines are urban democracy in motion. The path in Medellin was legitimized by the City. The others… nope.
Fast Exit Desire Line/Wayfinding through the baggage hall at Copenhagen Airport
Google street view of a pedestrian rejecting the car-centric pedestrian barriers and crossing the street true to their seven thousand year old urban instincts
Desire Lines through Halifax’ main park in the snow (left) and through an empty lot (right)
Desire Lines of cyclists mapped in a Copenhagen intersection
A film by the author about Desire Lines
The railway north of Mile End in Montreal that divides communities
Barriers to urban growth and accessibility in six cities
Aerial images of Desire Lines in Cape Town by the author
The Porta Romana railyard is a massive barrier between neighbourhoods
You can see preconceived trajectories that predate the railyard (left). The people would form their own Desire Lines, if given the change (right)
Pre-streets would form the patchwork of plots for development
Imagine the creativity architects would exhibit if they had to design on predetermined plots in odd shapes

Urban playmaker, designer, host of The Life-Sized City tv series about urbanism. Author of “Copenhagenize”. Impatient Idealist.

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