The citizens of Prague at a public “Goodbye to COVID” party held on a bridge on 1 July, 2020

Note: If you don’t mind travelling to places where masks are a thing, then this article probably isn’t relevant to you. Have a great holiday!

Many things have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tourism is one of them. Now that the pandemic is fading in Europe (well aware that it could come back) and now that summer is upon us, where to go?

For those of us living in one of the many countries in Europe that beat back the COVID scourge without ever wearing facemasks or having them recommended by our authorities, visiting places where facemasks in public are widespread is not an attractive option. I’ve spoken to many friends planning holidays and facemasks are clearly featuring into travel plans.

The European Union is now opening up to tourists from select countries — obviously not the failed states that never bothered tackling the virus with any comprehensive lockdown strategy or social distancing measures — so I decided to make a list of travel destinations for those of us who want to enjoy a holiday without the American Mask Hysteria. Luckily, there are some wonderful options.

Life has returned to normal in Copenhagen.

Many airlines, in a desperate attempt to ease fears and make back some money, require them, as do many airports. I’ll be heading to Greece in a couple of weeks and I’ll have to find my first facemask in order to fly, but I’ll figure something out.

The whole mask policy of all these countries could change at some point, but for now, this list works.

Have a great summer, fellow Europeans! Wherever you may travel.


Virtually no masks. Anywhere. No governmental recommendations for their use.

Visit Denmark website.


JUST KIDDING. Nobody wants to go to Sweden. That awkward, drunk uncle at the Nordic family party. Except maybe the southern region of Skåne/Scania, where the COVID-19 infection rate has been very low. So here’s one of their videos:

Very few masks.

Visit Skåne website.


Very few masks. No governmental recommendations for their use.

Visit Faroe Islands website.


Very few masks.

Visit Norway website.


Very few masks.

Visit Finland website.


Hardly any masks.

Visit Iceland website.


Some masks in the large cities. Only required on public transport.

Visit Greece website.


Very few masks.

Visit Croatia website.


Very few masks. Only required on public transport. Ride a bike.

Visit Latvia website.


Very few masks. Only required on public transport.

Visit Lithuania.


Very few masks.

Visit Estonia website.


Hardly any masks.

Visit Greenland website.

Urban playmaker, designer, host of The Life-Sized City tv series about urbanism. Author of “Copenhagenize”. Impatient Idealist.

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